Concrete Driveway Sealing London Ontario

Stamped concrete driveway sealing is not as straight forward as most people think.  Before making a decision to have universitybrand driveway sealing seal their investment, most clients in London Ontario ask, “Can’t I do this myself?”  Theoretically yes, technically no - and we would bet the farm on it.

Brushed concrete sealing requires certain criteria in order to apply the sealer and be headache free for years to come.  In most cases, do it yourselfers think they can roll on a nice thick coat of some big box sealer mid-day and go back in and relax.  While certainly true, in most cases, the driveway ends up in a whitening flaky mess.  Don’t waste your time and the clean strip will be even more expensive then the initial investment you should have made into universitybrand sealing it. 

Here at universitybrand we have studied the new government regulated LVOC sealers.  They are NOT like the sealers of 5 years ago.  There are several application pitfalls that we must avoid now. 

Pitfall stamped concrete driveway sealing #1 – Slab temperature

Slab temperature is a pitfall that can be avoided entirely with a high end infra-red temperature gauge.  Most sealers today require to be applied on a max slab temperature of 28 Celsius.  In the mid to late summer with humid days and direct sunlight to the driveways, pools, and patio concrete, slab temperature rises fast and unexpectedly.  At universitybrand we constantly monitor the slab temperature of any concrete.  At 26 Celsius, we stop applying the sealer.  We do not risk it. 

 Pitfall aggregate concrete driveway sealing #2 – Direct overhead sunlight

Applying in direct overhead sunlight is concrete sealing suicide.  We avoid this by starting in places where the sun is being blocked and early in the morning (we make sure the dew is gone).  Applying in direct sunlight usually means it’s overhead, hot, and most likely at this point the slab temperature is beyond 28 Celsius anyway.  We move fast in the morning to avoid this concrete sealing issue. 

 Pitfall stamped concrete driveway sealing #3 – Over application (spraying on too much)

The high grade sealers in today’s market still cannot dry normally on an over applied driveway.  We spray our sealers on with a .20 GPM tip to ensure a misting overlay is applied with a 50-60 PSI spray.  We immediately backroll it with a roller. This is essential on deep grooved stamped concrete as the ‘pooling’ in deep groves will cause a major whitening effect. Back rolling smooths out the inconsistencies and splotchyness, and pulls the sealer together for a perfect uniform finish.   

 There are plenty more pitfalls to avoid.  At universitybrand we take every precaution necessary to apply the sealer to concrete in perfect conditions.  We have specialized equipment such as a surface cleaner for the powerwash, chemical washes to remove old sealers, and top grade industrial supplied sealers. High gloss, semi gloss, transparent – your choice!

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