Should I be sealing my driveway, pool, or patio?
Yes. Its not optional, sealing is required.

Why should I seal my concrete?
Concrete is like a sponge and retains it water.  In the winter, the freeze thaw cycle might pop or shale the thin top layer of your concrete, runing it forever-you cannot repair this.  In hotter climates, sun and color damage may occur without UV protection.

How long does it take to seal my concrete driveway?
It takes one day to power wash the surface and let it dry, and weather pending, it can be sealed the next day.  In a perfect world with perfect weather, it should be 2-3 days.

How long do I need to stay off the newly sealed concrete?
24 hrs for walking, 48 hrs for driving. 

Which concrete types do you seal?
All of them.  Stamped concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, white concrete, broom/brushed concrete, etc.

My concrete looks white and bubbling, what should I do?
Call us, we know how to fix that!